Why I Love Blissful Coaches

I came here from Africa when I was 5 years old.  I have been lucky enough to know Mrs. O’Brien all of these years.  Both she and her husband have been very supportive. This year, she is coaching me and my whole life is so much better, school, attitude, home and my basketball game, too. ~ Michele Nyadishamoyre

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Waking up to a new year!

Stop beating yourself up and make it New Year more than once a year. Folks put so much pressure on themselves that they are ready to call it quits on all of it just because the promised 6 days a week of Gym, Celery Juice and Yoga are not clicking into your schedule and you …

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Why Rich People aren’t Happy

What drives people, once they’ve reached that point, to keep pursuing more? Research regularly points to two central questions that people ask themselves when determining whether they’re satisfied with something in their life: Am I doing better than I was before? and Am I doing better than other people? This applies to wealth, but also …

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Coaching is for all

Look, we are all being coached and we are coaching.  It doesn’t have to be little league.  You are coached to cook and clean around the house and then you show others.  You learn your position at a job and then you are training them. The difference here at Blissful Coaches, we areally want you …

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