Denis O’Brien is an Emmy Award Winning creative powerhouse of producer/director that has worked as an executive producer, producer and director of ads and other programming, for his entire career. He has produced or directed over 500+ ads of national and international caliber, worked with most major networks, numerous agencies and labels.

Denis has produced and executive produced for Starz!, ESPN, Grey, Universal Records, Ad Council, RAPP, FCB, MSG Networks, The Family Channel, WAM/Encore, MSG/NY Rangers, Kinney Drugs,, and more. Very comfortable with celebrity, Denis has produced or directed; Meryl Streep, Nathan Lane, Wayne Gretzky, Sophia Vargara, Priscilla Presley and many more notables. He and his son Liam recently filmed all the drone sequences for “Apalachin” a new film by Danny Abeckaser starring David Arquette, Robert Davi and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. The movie is released in 2019.

We do take few people onboard for the complete DenisOBrien experience.  If selected there is powerful instruction into controlling your thoughts and we require that effort in order to coach people.  We are Video Creation and Production experts and very motivated to help, but only help those that are able to take the ball and run with it! We have produced many great advertisements and programs:

Production work of Denis OBrien.

Since you are here, you have video making skills.  So whether it’s some overall guidance and a path forward, or supervision of the company’s media effort for the year, give us a look.  You’ll be very happy you did. You have to look at every facet from the view of the folks on the inside and the outside and we have been in both places.  Your abilities and your future depend on decisions you make about casting, lighting locations and most of all the actual content.  Advertising is not a screaming match, so you should learn how “emotion” is the force that moves the buyer and more interesting things I will share with you…

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Are you good at finding resources outside your market to help you with colors or graphics or props?  Do you know how to motivate your subcontractors?  Do you know how to deliver to your client so they see you laid it all down and worked till the bitter end?  Can you listen to someone else?

Please provide a little info about you! You too can create great work at any budget level and we’d love to help you.


•  Legendary Zeal and Positive Force in the Industry.

• Great References, From Creative Directors to Rockefellers to Resort Owners….

• Incredible Knowledge base in modern thought and an expert on Law of Attraction and Neville Goddard.

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